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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gotta Huell Lotta Love

In a mans life, one can maybe count on one hand tops the opportunity to meet a true living legend. When one thinks of the great thinkers, the humanitarians, the artists, the visionaries-one must embrace the opportunity to meet with a voice of the generation or that certain someone who embodies the it factor that can only be calculated with the symbol known as pi to take in the true universal significance. This weekend however was not one of them. On a side note, me and my son did meet Huell Houser. I couldnt help but joke that Huell probably could have brought the camera crew and got a 30 minute episode out of what is one of 104 Wescom Credit Unions in California....with my second my used joke with the people in line that Huell was secretly recording a pilot episode for his new show idea called "California's Golden Banks."

Check out some of Huell's hall of fame moments.....and please don't ask me to explain what it is about Huell that makes an interesting watch. You either "get it" or you don't. And if you do "get it" you either actually enjoy it and somehow think Huell is groundbreaking and someone who is actually considered someone in Top 1000 on the "who's who" list or in my case-purely, unequivocally the a ultra abundant kitsch factor....and when I say kitsch I mean kitsch to the 10degree....kitsch to to the 10th degree topped with some top of chocolate liquid that freezes on contact when it comes into contact with any sub 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If Kitsch could be measured by the amount of tissue damage done to the rough of your mouth after masticating an entire box of Peanut Butter Capn Crunch-Huell would be 2 boxes.

So with that in mind....Huell is tissue damage to the rough of your mouth would not be this....

But most certainly at a minimum would, without this.

Anyhow....many golden Huell moments can be found via YouTube and cut and paste.


Any what may be my personal fave....

Couldnt find it on Youtube, but my favorite episode is probably where Huell starts doing an episode on historic Seal Beach and finds his 30 minute episode diverted slightly when he happens upon a guy on a bench who has a parrot on his shoulder whereas Huell decides to spend 20 minutes of a 30 minute episode asking the guy about his bird and his coffee he happens to be drinking-now thats what I call a true example of California's Gold.

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