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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some Assorted Guitar selections

Each month Guitar Player mag has some indie/unknown bands they choose for a myriad of reasons. Lots of cool stuff here and once again reason #17272651 why the internet has changed the world in too many ways to count.

Anyhow, here are the Links and my thoughts. On Your Feet

Kind of poppy with some great harmonies. Weird that guitar player chose this song as its the drumming that really stands out for me. Kind of reminds me of a mix between the Byrds and Sebadoh. Mallet Face
A bit too much studio sounding for my liking with bass and what not but the use of the tremolo and harmonics is outstanding. The song itself harkens "Discipline" era King Crimson. Impronte /Smoke on the Water

Makes me want to drink a latte and sleep with a college co-ed not of my own racial group on a rainy winter day. I can swear this is the same guy who plays "froggie went a courtin'" on my sons CD of greatest children songs. Lil Bing vs El Diabloe

One day I hope I can make the guitar scream like this guy can. Sure I can make a guitar scream....but generally theyre screams of agony telling me to stop playing it and never pick it up again. Riot

I loved this song. Loved the bass and the no nonsense drums. Cant really compare to the other songs but if Green Day and the Offspring can make it big is there any reason these guys cant?
Reminds me of the intro to the old Tom Hatten hosted Sunday Afternoon Movie that used to be on Channel 5. I can hear him now giving movie trivia tidbits about "The very long, long trailer" and "the Three Stooges in Outer Space." Good Life Bar

I really dug this track...not quite as polished as some of the other jazzy guitar songs included and the guitar seems to be a little bit edgier and moody. Really cool bass as well.

These guys are a cover band but damn I love this song. Arguably my favorite Blues song of All time.

Another good blues cover song from the same band. YouTube - The Harry Coffey band - Matchbox Live

Anyhow, Im home sick today so thought Id share some of the songs with ya. Enjoy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rick Wright RIP

Never mentioned but one of my favorite bands is Pink Floyd. Today their keyboard player Rick Wright died of Cancer. In his memory here are some cool clips and some amazon picks for Rick Wright related Items.

PF-Obscured By Clouds

Probably the most Wright heavy record Floyd record with some nice collaborations on the songs Stay and Burning Bridges. This is probably the mellowest Floyd Album there is along with Meddle. Almost falls into the adult contemporary pop category in some areas.

Broken China

Moody and dark...almost sounds like Peter Gabriel on Quaaludes.

Remember That Night

Great Sound Quality with lots of guests and surprises. Gilmour and Wright hit on all cylinders and having a great time. Maybe the best place to start for Rick Wright/Gilmour noobs if there is such a thing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some more Japan

Just a couple more pics I didnt get around to posting from Japan....Some from the awesome Yakiniku place we visited, a picture of the cuban cigar I smoked, and a picture of the In-Raws. Can you spot my son?

Lotsa Catchin' Up To Do

Some pics and comments from the Labor Day Bbg.

Here are some ribs I did for the big event. The first pics are the ribs taken from the foil after being steamed with beer on low heat for a couple and being placed into the Texas Smoker.

Here are the ribs after a couple of hours in the smoker....nice color eh?

Here are some lamb chops that were done in the smoker. Mega-Kudos to my sister in law who really has the gift of lamb. The two pictures is the lamb platter as well as one of the chops cut open to show the texture and color.

The pic to the left was my cousins mustard tri tip. Basically he cover an entire tri tip with kosher salt and mustard and cooks on the grill for a couple of hours. Sorry I didnt get a picture after it was cooked...we did the tri tip after everything else and it was a bit late in the day with beer, wine, and margaritas liberally flowing. My memory of the event was a bit hazy to say the least.

Coming soon-some more pics from Japan and another Surf and Turf BBQ.