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Sunday, September 26, 2010

OC Japan Fest 2010

Had a chance to spend some time in Irvine on Saturday for the annual OC Japan Fest. It was pretty much all things japanese with food, art, music, anime, and dance. If not for the fact that it was 100 degrees it was a pretty nice way to spend the afternoon. As evidenced by the pics-this wasnt your mothers church festival by a long shot.

These two were very happy to pose for us. Funny thing was I am sure each of these ladies were at least 50 years old. Not sure what genre of anime they were aiming for but I can tell you this-first thing I do when I turn 50 is go out and start dressing like my favorite character from Sailor Moon. Then again maybe I'll go with a Simpsons motif and start emulating Groundskeeper Willie.

More fun with Kimonos. Not only were these two nice enough to pose but gave me a complimentary container of Tofu. Not that the Japanese style hospitality I have come to know and love is a bad thing but instead of Tofu couldn't have it been Sapporo and Kobe Beef?

Bumped into another fellow LA Kings fan....had to take a pic. Stay with me though it gets better-I promise.

The festival had a lot of people dressed in their favorite anime garb and most were more the happy to pose for pictures. I'm thinking of incorporating the white parasol into my daily wardrobe. I told these folk that if they wanted me to send them this pic to their email I would so they could tell there friends "You wont believe what this guy was wearing in public."

Nothing like taking some pics with 2 smoking hot models, my youngest son, and a harley. For the record this is the part of this blog entry where it officially has gotten better.

One of the previously mentioned works of art by Kurosawa. I knew his movies are legendary but didn't know the old man can draw. He is pretty good but clearly has a bow and arrow fetish. Hes not as good as my father in law when it comes to drawing but then again my father in law prefers landscapes and portraits of my kids.

A festival just wouldn't be a festival without a performance by the Japanese Maids dance troupe. My sister in law asked if my wife would dress like this for me...I told her Id be lucky just to get her to wear the stockings. Come to think of it...Id be lucky to see her hold a pair of the stockings.

All in all a fun way to spend a bit of time and probably would have spent much more time there if not for the 100 degree weather. Trust me-it was hot and the fact it was held on a parking lot instead of a nice grassy meadow for instance meant the asphalt was at least 110 degrees. On that same note-Im already making plans for next years event thinking I will dress like Spock just the heck of it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


What else can labor day mean but some type of ribs at the Hipcheck Home.....Enjoy the pics!