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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ravioli and Trellis Merlot

Hadn't posted any pics for a while so here goes!
The first is a picture of an avocado taken from my Parents tree. I think these are tastiest avos I have ever had. A nice butter flavor with great texture. The Pit is a bit too big for my liking but for free how can I argue?

The mixed green salad was something the wife whipped up. I used a red wine/balsamic dressing I made with a touch of Dijon and Japanese Mayo. I thought the tuna on top was a nice touch.

And finally the Ravioli. It was a non-Costco brand with Spinach and Cheese that I bought at Costco nonetheless. The Sun-dried Tomato/Lime/Caper sauce we make with ravioli went well but not as well as when we used the Costco Cheese Ravioli. The Costco brand is a bigger ravioli with more cheese, which in my opinion pairs much nicer with the lighter olive oil based sauce. Next time we will go with a heavier creme or tomato based sauce.

The Wine was adequate by 5 dollar wine standards, It took a while to open up and breathe and was a bit of a tease in that it had a great nose, a great color, but not a great taste nor finish. It didnt stop me from drinking almost the whole thing though! Enjoy the pics and as always feel free to comment.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

TJs Wine Review-2008 Zarafa

Went on a TJ run for some cheapie wines and this is the first Ive opened so thought Id shoot a quickie review.

On the nose it smells decent enough. I will admit in this area I am a bit lacking this week due to the fact I am getting over a partial cold.

As for the taste-it starts off pleasant enough but has a finish that can best be described as "off." Maybe I got a bad bottle or something but this got a mediocre review from the wife and a below average from me....even by sub 5 dollar wine standards. And once again...maybe it could be to my sinus condition.

Upon further review, maybe this is a good example of a varietal that I'm not just too fond of? Could be. If Im not mistaken this may be the first South African wine I have ever tried. Ive got 3 others on the shelf for review so check back soon.