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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So then, I Co-wrote a Rock and Roll EBook!

Behind the Board My Life With Rock and Roll Legends
Now available on Amazon!

First off sorry for the time delay in posting, life is what happens when your busy making other plans said John Lennon all those years ago, of course it was George Harrison who wrote "All those years ago" but now Im just babbling and spiraling down to the hole in the ground where I hide. Oh no! I just quoted Roger Waters...well there is an apparent theme here. And if I were playing in a game of jeopardy the question would be "Who are all famous rock stars featured in the new ebook available on Amazon called Behind the Board- My Life with Rock and Roll Legends."

Yes that is right! From some of my other activities in this case my love for the LA Kings, I befriended one of the Los Angeles unsung musical heroes who as it turns out, happened to work in the recording industry in the 70s and worked as an engineer at some of Los Angeles's most famous recording studios helping to record some of Rock and Rolls most famous albums.

You may have heard of a little album called the Wall? How about Fleetwood Mac Rumours? How about Steely Dan? John Lennon? Ringo? Billy Joel? Tom Petty?

Yes, it ends ups he worked on some legendary albums and has some amazing stories but musicians and other notable celebs. Trust me, there are stories about Sammy Davis Jr, Hugh Hefner, Liberace, & David Geffen that alone are well worth the price of admission.  Anyhow....take a look at only $5.99 is well worth the price of admission- and trust me there is something in here for everyone as the Amazon reviews can attest!

Behind the Board: My Life with Rock and Roll Legends