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Monday, June 16, 2008

More Catching up....

Where has the time gone? When I started this blog thing no one told me I had to do update it every month. Anyhow, here are some recent food items I did recently. One was a simple lemon garlic type piccata thing with TJs tri-color tortellini. I was fortunate enough to buy a case of Red Flyer at $2.99 a bottle. Its better then most 15 dollar wines Ive had. Im down to 4 bottles and now lamenting not buying 2 cases. The other item was some salmon and grilled shrimp stir fry using the BBQ Basket. There is nothing better then Salmon with the Chef Paul Salmon Seasoning. I have go get around to picking up some of the Copper River Salmon as its amazing. The stuff I used was SteelHead or Chinook. Cant remember but any salmon with the Chef Pauls is amazing. Works great with Shrimp as well. I also have been trying to get into some white wines but have yet to find one I really enjoy. If you know a good semi inexpensive post or email me.