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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day Late Dollar Short Movie Reviews-I bring thee these movies three

Some quick takes from my "Day Late Dollar Short" movie reviews.

Where the Wild Things Are- A very dark depressing movie. It was like Tim Burton without the quirk or Terry Gilliam without the brilliance. After watching I can only imagine the millions of parents who took their kids to the theater expecting a fun lovable kids movie. I can only imagine how many kids left the theater emotionally scarred. There was supposed to be some type of message somewhere along the way however it was fully lost on me. This movie was like a bad acid trip.

Zombieland- Everything it was cracked up to be. Sometimes when multiple people tell you how great a movie is and you finally see it; its only going to be a let down by high expectations-this was not one of them. As others mentioned Woody Harrelson is great. He should have played Brad Pitts role in Inglorious Basturds. As a matter of fact he could have played that same character in Inglorious Basturds and it wouldnt have made a lick of difference if not only to improve it. Bill Murray is always amazing.

Up In the Air- Enjoyed it as well. Clooney is Clooney and the female lead Anna Kendrick was good but I could not get past the fact she looked very much like a younger female version of Tom Cruise.

Jason Reitman really knows how to set a good feel and vibe for his movies that can make an above average idea more compelling then it really is. He really should have directed "Lost in Translation" as then it probably might have been deserving of the acclaim it didn't deserve in its actual form. George Clooney will be deserving of an academy award when he can successfully play the role of a man who isn't charming and is not constantly saying clever things.