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Monday, May 11, 2009

Camping Lite-a weekend at San Clemente State Beach

Spent the majority of the weekend camping at San Clemente State Beach. For camping newbies-its doesn't get any easier then camping here. The Bathrooms and showers are relatively clean and you can see the small food market/liquor store from some campsites. You can hear the sound of the freeway which kind of blows the whole thing but may seem soothing to the complete city slicker.

There are some great sites closer to the ocean where the freeway is less pronounced and the ocean sound louder-but these are indeed the prime sites and one must work the Reserve America website for all its worth to get one of these gems.

The Beach is in very close proximity but word of warning in that its a semi steep trail to get down. You can see San Clemente Pier from the beach and I would estimate from the camp beach to the pier maybe a 15-20 minute walk-30 with a 6 year old and a 2 year old.

Believe it or not-as a lifelong OCer this was my first visit to SC Pier and I loved it. It reminded me of the golden days of Huntington when the pier was wooden and was open 24 hours a day. There was an oyster bar right at the base of the pier that was calling out to me like a newborn calling out for mothers milk but it was 10am in the morning and with kids in tow didnt think I could muster killing an hour on the pier and the justify another hour for me to order oysters and beer. I glanced at the Happy Hour menu though and something tells me I may be back sans kids....heck maybe sans wife if I can find someone who wants dollar oyster shooters.

Ill post some pics soon but all in all its a great place to camp for complete camping newbies, an incredibly tame place to camp for those used to actually roughing it, and a dream come true for hardcore seafood loving drunks with money and time to stagger back from piers eateries and bars.

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