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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Kalbi Style Korean BBQ!!

Well we went with a Korean Motif last night as you can plainly see. The Wife marinated the short ribs in her top secret korean marinade-I will let you in on a secret though; one of the ingredients is something called "Sesame Oil."

Anyhow the top plate shows the ribs, some marinated bean sprouts, some Kimchi as well as our beer of Choice Kirin Ichiban. I know to the untrained American eye the Kimchi and Sprouts probably look more like entrails and tapeworms but rest assured these two items are in fact vegetable based. The bottom picture shows the 4 year old hand of Hip JR trying to nab one of the succulent ribs off of the plate. What can I say-hes a chip off the old block. Reminded me a bit of my food related petty thefts when I was his age. When I was 4 or 5 it wasn't all that uncommon for me to Shoplift Smoked Gouda, Italian Prosciutto, and Imported Spices(saffron and Madagascar vanilla ) from the local Lucky Market on shopping trips with my mother.

On a semi related side note-Kimchi is a great source of naturally occurring Pro biotic Culture and has some other great health benefits. You can read more about here or search for yourself if you are so inclined.

If you like spicy food and garlic-Kimchi will be right up your alley. It has a pretty strong flavor though so pairs much better with beer then it does wine. If it is something you want to try though I would certainly recommend going with some lower priced bottles. And as always, if you do manage to find a wine that pairs well...I'm all ears.

I also did some BBQed hot wings this weekend that were fantastic but in my zest to digin forgot to take pictures. I may do them again for dinner tonight and If I do I promise Ill take pics and post them here. Thanks again for all the positive feedback Ive received in the month or so this blog has been in existence. If anyone here wants-feel free to add the link to your blog but make sure you title the link
"Hipcheck's Food and Wine Blog that is not only the best blog on the internet but singlehandedly revolutionizing the way we view dining in todays modern socio and economic climate."


Homer said...

I am not a big fan of the Korean ribs but I do love the Ichiban. You are right, it looks like fish guts.

AustinLoggy said...

The wife and I love Korean BBQ. We just had some great stuff at the Ichiban Korean place in Austin = Korea House.
I did it with Ichiban beer as well. However, since we love our food on the spicey side -> it would certainly go very well with a nice Schloss Vollrads Trocken Spatlese Reisling. Give that a try with any spicey asian dish - the dry acidity is the perfect compiment.
OK, now what do I have to do to get ahold of that secret recipe?
K Dawg

Hipcheck said...

Homer-you have to go to an actual Korean BBQ to get the full effect. Seriously, there is no better food IMO. There is a great Japanese Yakiniku Restuarant in Foutain Valley that is very good as well. Its different from Korean BBQ as the meat isn't marinated. Baby steps!