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Monday, July 29, 2013

Food Factory Grill- Best Chicken in South OC

Stopped by the Food Factory grill to meet a friend for a business meeting. He had talked this place up so finally had a chance to try and see for myself. Now I admit, I was not the a matter of fact I was almost tempted to not order anything as I was fine after a light lunch a few hours previous. But after talking with one of the friendly staff about indian and lebanese food, they made me a small sampler type dish that was not on the menu simply so I can try their food. I say that in advance as this was not on the menu or an official offering as much as a good will gesture so an obvious foodie could eat their food.

Out came a small square dish with some chicken cut from a kabob, two kinds of rice, a bit of their house salad, and some curried lentils. All I can say is....Im a believer. The chicken was moist and tender, reminded me a bit of tandoori chicken with the flavor but was so moist I'm almost hungry again just thinking about it. I later found out they use a marinade similar to tandoori chicken although they would not reveal and other details for obvious reasons.

The two rices were both delicious as well, the basmati being normal white basmati rice, the other being spinach herb basmati which I had never seen before. It had a nice gentle flavor, you could taste a  bit of seasoning and it was certainly mild which served as the perfect counter balance to the Curried Lentils.

There was no shortage of flavor and this dish very much reminded me of some of the indian offerings served at Annapoorna in Irvine. A load of flavor and a loaf of spices without being over the top. Once again....served as the perfect foil for the green basmati. Between the chicken and the curried lentils alone, the Food Factory grill should have no shortage of customers as both were fantastic.

The house salad was good as well, pretty much what you would expect with assorted sliced veggies in a creamy yogurt sauce. On a warm day though, the cold tang of the dish was certainly well received and without a doubt anyone hungry for a healthy, vegetarian lunch would be well served to order it.

All in all, the dished I tried were very, very good. And given the local choices in that area being Slaters 50/50 and Tommy's Chili Burgers, I think the Food Factory Grill will do very well knowing the other dining options are not what one would consider to be even semi healthy.