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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vacation Fun- The Family Goes to Joshua Tree

Being as I got such great feedback from my last family vacation and being as once again I found myself with some time off I decided to blog about the little trip I took a few days ago to Joshua Tree.


Our trip started on Sunday Afternoon and we packed up the family truckster and headed eastward. Leaving on Sunday meant no traffic and presumably a smooth trip to the desert. My oldest son Alex decided that the 3 hour drive out would be as good as time as any to ask me somethings that were on his I spent almost the entire trip answering questions about the Beatles, Hockey, the Desert, the Automobile, and the Time Space/Black Hole Quantum Physics Theory. Being that I had the time and wasnt going anywhere and deciding it would be better to answer the question as opposed to barking at him to be quiet I simply answered all of this questions. And if you were wondering.....
The Song Yesterday was written by Bon Jovi. The Automobile was invented by John Candy. The Desert was once home to many indigenous Oompa Loompa, and I was once a member of NASA who lived in Area51 and invented a ray gun that shot Chocolate Zingers.

Once we entered Yucca Valley we saw the sign for the California Tourism Office which always means a relatively clean bathroom, Air Conditioning, and water so we pulled into the driveway.
After taking the kids to the restroom Tomoko noticed a hissing sound out of the back of the car.
Women know nothing about Cars.....I told her it probably had something to do the with the AC.

We then continued down the road and found the Yucca Valley Food4Less we always stop at when we make this trip. We bought some coffee cake, some assorted fruits and veggies and what not. As we made it back to the car I still heard the hissing sound and noticed the back rear tire starting to look like a failed souffle.

Now Yucca Valley isnt exactly the big city and being in was last Sunday Afternoon and having a van packed with camping equipment and a back tire with a puncture wound and a couple of additional nails in it for good measure-I simply called AAA and let the chips fall.

One Hour and 2 Subway Sandwiches bought at the Yucca Valley Chevron later we were back on the road and praying to be at the campsite by sundown.....I was left going 55MPH on cruise control now my left rear tire was that of the temporary small donut variety. Good Times.

Story Continues here....

No trip to the area is complete without the Windmills and always reminds me of the scenes from "Rainman" and "Less Than Zero."

Mission Accomplished- Roasted Marshmallows!

Cheap Digital Cameras arent exactly optimal for catching night pictures.

Tons of Ghost Orbs at our campsite....or just the tons of dust kicked up by the kids; I'll go with the latter.

Once again showing the limitation of the digital camera....our first night campfire shows mighty unimpressive.

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