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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Joshua Tree- day 2

It was a cold night. Well not Idaho cold but CA cold anyhow. I was warm enough provided I stayed in the fetal position long enough for my body heat to warm the blanket but any movement negated any progress I made on the warmth scale and meant having to start over again. I was woken up early by Alex who said he had to use the restroom. I threw on some clothes, unzipped the tent, and out into the brisk desert morn I went. You could see the first hazy ray of sun climbing and enlightening the rocky horizon landscape for but not yet to the point where there was any type of bonafide sunrise.

I looked around the other campsites and being no one else yet was up was hoping Alex would take advantage of the many discreet locations and choose one of the many flora and fauna for him to pee on but Alex is more Felix Unger than Survivorman so I had to trek up the road to the campsite outhouse....which was relatively clean by desert outhouse standards with no running water or any type. The entire site was still cast in shadows and the brisk morning had me wondering whether to go back in the tent or simpley get started on the day. Looking eastward I saw the shadows receding and the rocks on the adjacent side of the camp change their hue from shades of gray to burning gold. I could almost feel the welcoming morning sun on my face and longed to experience it.

I sprayed some Purell on Alex's hand and put his shoes on so we can make a small climb up one of the rocky outcrops and witness the sunrise. We made out way a bit up the rock into the path of the sunrays and saw the first sliver of sun epoch the skyline. I was beginning to bask in the moment where natures brings the new day and the vastness of the Mojave with its lack of High Rises, Strip Malls, Starbucks, and Freeways stirred some type of premortal spirit deep inside of me. The moment of quiet, with a slight breeze on my face was interrupted however when Alex started questions about Club Penguin and the LA Kings AHL minor league franchise.

The Adventure Continues here....

More to Follow....

The Kids and I at Barker Damn.

A Couple of was so cute as 1 frog was giving another frog a "piggyback ride."

The Fam

This huge boulder was rolling down the hill....good thing the Kids and I got there just in the nick of time.

Kings of the Hill

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