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Sunday, November 8, 2009

TJs Wine Review-2008 Zarafa

Went on a TJ run for some cheapie wines and this is the first Ive opened so thought Id shoot a quickie review.

On the nose it smells decent enough. I will admit in this area I am a bit lacking this week due to the fact I am getting over a partial cold.

As for the taste-it starts off pleasant enough but has a finish that can best be described as "off." Maybe I got a bad bottle or something but this got a mediocre review from the wife and a below average from me....even by sub 5 dollar wine standards. And once again...maybe it could be to my sinus condition.

Upon further review, maybe this is a good example of a varietal that I'm not just too fond of? Could be. If Im not mistaken this may be the first South African wine I have ever tried. Ive got 3 others on the shelf for review so check back soon.

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