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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ravioli and Trellis Merlot

Hadn't posted any pics for a while so here goes!
The first is a picture of an avocado taken from my Parents tree. I think these are tastiest avos I have ever had. A nice butter flavor with great texture. The Pit is a bit too big for my liking but for free how can I argue?

The mixed green salad was something the wife whipped up. I used a red wine/balsamic dressing I made with a touch of Dijon and Japanese Mayo. I thought the tuna on top was a nice touch.

And finally the Ravioli. It was a non-Costco brand with Spinach and Cheese that I bought at Costco nonetheless. The Sun-dried Tomato/Lime/Caper sauce we make with ravioli went well but not as well as when we used the Costco Cheese Ravioli. The Costco brand is a bigger ravioli with more cheese, which in my opinion pairs much nicer with the lighter olive oil based sauce. Next time we will go with a heavier creme or tomato based sauce.

The Wine was adequate by 5 dollar wine standards, It took a while to open up and breathe and was a bit of a tease in that it had a great nose, a great color, but not a great taste nor finish. It didnt stop me from drinking almost the whole thing though! Enjoy the pics and as always feel free to comment.

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