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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sauvignon Blanc and Nectarines

Myself and some of my culinary based hockey pals have all been raving about this years crop of Nectarines. Its literally impossible to get a bad one this season. Yellow or White Nectarines are a cant miss with a sweetness that's almost over the top.

So early Tonight, I am drinking a low grade Sauvignon Blanc along with the aforementioned Nectarines....and what a combo.

The sweetness of the nectarines is not only bringing out the lighter citrus notes of the wine but also bringing out hints of honey. Honest to god this is like drinking honey nectar. Then after drinking the wine and getting the semi tartness it brings-the sweetness of the nectarines is totally enhanced to the 10th degree. Almost tastes like a mango. Making all the better is I am by no means drinking some high end wine. This is literally something I picked up on a whim from World Market....Sea Cliff 2006 to be exact. I think it cost 5 bucks or something close to it. This probably reflects on my inexperience with white wine more then anything else but as far as whites go this is the best pairing I have ever experienced.

For you white wine fans- this is a fantastic pairing. I am not a big enough connoisseur to recommend a cheese with this but I would think a soft brie or maybe a mild white cheddar would pair incredibly.

Would love for someone to put this to the test. Please feel free to comment.

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broseph6969 said...

Wow, I never even thought of that. I tried your suggestion. I had a fine chenin blanc with nectarines and paired them with a mild white cheddar I found on sale at Henry's. What a great taste. Heaven on the back patio! Thanks for the idea!