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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bernardus Chard, Ghost Pines Cab

Had 2 fantastic wines sunday in Bernardus Chardonnay and Ghost Pines Cabernet. Picked up both bottles at Total Wine in Tustin under 15 bucks a bottle. The Bernardus was recomended by a former co-worker while the Ghost Pines was the 2006 vintage. I reviewed the 2005 vintage previously with good results and was interested in seeing the consistency.

Both of these wines are fantastic values for the price. The Bernardus is one of the smoothest Chardonnays I have ever had with a finish that was very very clean and uber-smooth. Buoyed by apple and grapefruit overtones with just a touch of wood. I much prefer reds to whites but this was a fantastic wine.

The Ghost Pines Cab is a great example of the varietal with a deep dark color and an unmistakable essence of dark berries and deep wood. Usually the Ghost Pines will run around 20 bucks so to get this at 15 is a great deal. If you are accustomed to sub 10 dollar wines by all means spend the extra 5 to pick up a bottle of this. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better bottle for that price.

As for the some of the culinary accompaniment, I picked up some meats and cheeses from Claro's in Tustin. In particular the Garlic Salami was a textural masterpiece as was the Baby Swiss. We also had some Brie but must admit this was a Trader Joes offering. I also must admit that I have become accustomed to eating the rind. In this case with the TJs brie you really dont have much choice as its a smaller casing that makes cherry picking the brie a bit more difficult then when eating the wedge style brie.

All in all a wonderful evening with 2 great wines.

My Wife examining the color and doing the swirl test on the Bernardus.

The Spread...the blueberries look very big here but the fact is the grapes were just very small. I should mention as well the Parmigian Focacia Toast Points and balsamic/olive oil dipping sauce. A perfect pairing!

Sliced Meats-The Garlic Salami is in the middle with the Sopressata on the far right.

A couple of looks at the bottles.


broseph6969 said...

I've always seen the "swirl" test but never understood what I should be looking for. Any advice?

broseph6969 said...

I've always seen the "swirl" test, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for. This to me is one of the confusing things with wine. Any advice on what I look for when swirling?

paul westerberg of the replacements said...

the ghost is so gud. had it saturday night after drinking all day and it was still blew me away. speaking of hockey, canucks defender last night took a stick to the face and i've never seen blood pour like a bottle of red.

Hipcheck said...

Thanks for the props Paul....the Ghost is seriously underrated. Is that what you were writing about when you said "the one who loves you most, is giving up the ghost?"