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Friday, February 6, 2009

Cheap Wine Home Run....or maybe a triple

Villa Mt Eden Zinfandel 2001

Picked up a bottle at Sprouts Market here in OC(the Seal Beach location to be exact) along with a couple of bottles of Stonehaven Shiraz. The price of 3.33 cents was appealing enough so figured what the heck?

Anyhow, I opened it up and was surprised at the quality. It wasnt quite as jammy as some other Zins-I thought it had more of a Cab type feel but for the price was very pleased.

So I bought another couple of bottles for some others to taste. The wife said it tasted like a $15 dollar bottle(which is about where I would put it). Another friend came over who is accustomed to drinking much higher dollar wines then this and she estimated that it was roughly a $25 dollar bottle.

I went back and picked up a case of this stuff and I am sure it will be one of those wines Ill be disappointed I didn't pick up 2 cases of. The 2001 year IMO, probably means this stuff was probably some real rot gut when bottled but given 8 years to age has dome remarkably well.

As for as great wine in cheap bottles go, this is probably one notch below the previously reviewed Red Flyer but certainly the best in recent days bar none. Go to Sprouts now and pick up a will cost you less then 40 bucks and you wont be sorry.

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