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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another night, another BBQ

Last night did some Mahi with Tuna and assorted baby peppers and a balsamic vinaigrette salad with heirloom tomatoes. Truth be told the Mahi and Tuna were both frozen and bought at Trader Joe and I had forgotten the world of difference between fresh and frozen but it came out great so here goes. The Mahi I simply grilled using a bbw basket. Nothing crazy there. The tuna however I used the Chef Paul BBQ seasoning and cooked on the Cedar Plank. It was good but the seasoning is a bit spicier then your run of the mill typical bbq seasoning. Next time Ill probably use 1/2 of the bbq seasoning and add some lemon pepper. The Cedar Plank does add a lot of flavor but for super firm fish like tuna its kind of a weird mix of flavor/texture. Its much better suited for Salmon thats for sure. The salad was nothing crazy but Heirloom tomatoes are very interesting as they vary in all sorts of sizes, colors, textures, etc etc. If you've never tried them its certainly an interesting experience. As for the veggies I used the BBQ wok to grill some assorted baby peppers. brown mushrooms, asparagus, and sweet Maui onion. Back in the day I would have simply tried to put these straight on the grill but after seeing so many veggies fall through the grate I finally smarted up and got the Wok. It really is a must own for all BBQ enthusiasts. So many things you can do with it and it really is hassle free as it gets.

The wine was simply OK. I actually gave the Kirkland/Marquis Phillips Shiraz a bit higher rating. A bit more complex with a much truer flavor. Cant complain as it was only 9 bucks a bottle but as for as cheap shiraz's go the Marquis Phillips is still my pick of the litter.


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