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Monday, March 10, 2008

Couple of Quick Wine Reviews

Rays Stations

The people at Wine Pavilion really hyped this wine and that may have been its undoing. Not to say its a bad wine...for the price Its a pretty good deal. I had this on Saturday and typing this on Monday AM I probably didnt do any favors to the reader by waiting so long as I really cant recall any details that made it worth. Better then Fetzer for sure.

While I was there I picked up another bottle that was lower priced on a whim...and what a whim it was!

This wine tasted very similar to the Ghost Pines wine I reviewed a couple of months ago but at 1/2 the price. Very nice balance and very smooth, it had more wood/oak overtones then the fruit bomb it was advertised as. I had it with some BBQed chicken and it was marvelous. Even the wife commented on how compared to the previous nights Ray Station the Lodi Reds seemed to have a higher taste/feel to it. At the price I really should go back to the Wine Pavilion and stock up. Its only a couple bucks per bottle more then Yellowtail for crying out loud and at this price why not?

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