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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Maui/Honolulu in Review

First day back to work from my Maui/Honolulu vacation...thought Id share some thoughts and pics.

Kahana Sunset Maui-great place to stay. Private beach w/great snorkeling. Condo had 2 balconies and you could hear the surf at night. Very nice place.

The Gazebo-it was too crowded for me to eat there but I recommended it to my cousin who said it was great.

Maui Coffee Company-Great breakfast pastries. I had a Quiche and a Sticky Pecan Bun and both were awesome. I wish I had a local place with breakfast snacks this good.

Hula Grille-Food wasnt too bad but the drinks were horrible. Worst MaiTai I ever had served by a lethargic disinterested waitress.

Lahaina-Cool city with some great ice cream. Forget the name of the place but it was across from Bubba Gumps.

Eiw Valley-Not a whole lot to see on the whole but very cool and scenic. Tons of greenery with a nice big stream flowing through it.

The Crater- Very cool in the sense that the area looks much more like Big Bear then Hawaii. At 10,000 feet elevation had a very nice view as well once the clouds cleared.

Honolulu-everyone has been here before so I share 2 cool things.

Eggs n Things-Was my second time eating there and it was as good as I remembered. Arguably the best breakfast Ive ever had(I said the same thing when I ate there the first time.)

Awa-This is a root herb they make a drink out of. Its a natural muscle relaxer and mild hallucinigen. It was served at a little health club/store near diamond head. It made my tongue numb and after drinking the smoothie the awa was in decided to walk the 30-40 minutes back to the hotel. Very interesting walk to say the least. If you are in Honolulu this is a must try. I only hope I can find a place in Maui that serves this and we decided next time we go to Hawaii we will spend the whole week in Maui.

Things we didnt do that I regret-the Road to Hana/Snorkeling with Dolphins. These are most do things on my next visit as well as the Winery.


Melinda said...

Nice pix, Hipcheck!

And I think that I could use some of that Awa. You can't send that over, can you??

Hipcheck said...


I am currently looking into buying some powdered Awa. Not sure if there are rules about sending it to japan but here are a couple of websites that may help you.