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Thursday, August 23, 2007

BBQ'ed French Onion Soup

Blotto from the LGK board posted this recipe that I found intriguing. Have yet to try it but once again it looks delicious and is very simple to prepare.

- One medium to large, heavy and firm yellow onion per person. Heavy because the more water content the better. And I was told that the sweeter varieties came out too sweet... but it's up to you. The yellow was GREAT.
- One Bouillon cube. Or a half cube maybe for a smaller onion-or if you don't want it too salty.
- A pat of butter, or drizzle of olive oil.
- Aluminum foil.
- A little grated cheese. I used cave-aged gruyere (naturally!) but the French one called Comte. Niiiiice and creamy and super stringy.

Peel the onion and open an X-shaped slit from the top. Stuff the bouillon cube and butter inside the slit, and wrap tightly with double layer aluminum foil because if it leaks you are SCREWED my friend. If using olive oil just drizzle some in the opening. And VERY IMPORTANT: it needs to roast standing up; and you'll want to check it later by opening the top so wrap accordingly.

Roast either on the grill (indirect heat if you can) for 45 mins to an hour or more depending on temperature (or you could tightly cover in ramekins for the oven or toaster-oven at 300-350). No need to open it right away to check. Takes time so just leave it be. It'll become extremely tender and translucent and sort of "collapse" when ready. Open them carefully and transfer to bowls--because what you'll have is a cup or more of broth from the oinion's juices and bouillon. It'll be one seriously hot and steamy mutha, so grate cheese over the top (it'll get stringy right away) and tuck in. No crouton, so call it "low carb" I guess. You won't miss it.

You could add anything you want and tweak this, but we didn't even crack pepper. DAMN it was good. I'll probably pre-heat a little early and do this every grill-night--regardless of what's on as dinner.


Jason said...

Saw on LGK that you tried it and had success. That is GREAT news, as a few friends didn't have good results the first go around (INDIRECT HEAT is critical). But glad you enjoyed it Hip--and thanks again for posting the recipe!

aka *BLoTTo*

Hipcheck said...

It was surprisingly easy...I probably went about 90 minutes for the time give or take. To say it was a hit with the wife would be an understatement.