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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Night of BBQ Bliss

Had a wondeful BBQ last night. I had 2 Filet Mignons. One I marinated in a Korean BBQ Sauce the other I Encrusted the Outside edge with some Penzeys Spices. I also did a quick bbq stir fry in the veggie basket with mushrooms asparagus and onions coated with a sundried tomato olive oil enfusuion. I really should have taken a picture but I there. I also opened up a bottle of Cameron Hughes Cabernet Lot 15 if Im not mistaken. Its a very good mid priced wine with nice oak overtones. I know there is something about the finish as well but I had a glass of scotch before I started BBQing as well as a cheap glass of Syrah and by the time dinner was ready my pallette was how we should say....compromised.

Anyhow the dinner looked a little something like this.


Bryan said... about a link to Penzey...and...did the scotch and syrah have names...hmmmm

Upchucker said...

In a nutshell, the pitch is that Hughes has a broker network that is buying barrels of excess wine that normally goes into $30+ bottles and sells his bottles for a bargain $10 to $15. The wines are labeled as “Lots” and identified by vintage, varietal and appellation (e.g., 2004, Cabernet, Stags Leap District in Napa Valley).

* Hughes only sells through Costco and its website

Lot 15 (2003, Cabernet, 66% Rutherford, 18% Pope Valley, 16% Oakville, 2,200 cases, $15) had little controversy – nobody like it. Bland, flabby and ordinary were some of the terms used. Overall assessment: Lot 15 is a “No” whether folks would buy it.

Bottom line is that the Panel thought that while uneven in quality, the Cameron Hughes Wine approach has merit. This is especially true if the person buying the wine is not necessarily knowledgeable about wine nor is interested in trying out a number of wines to identify bargains.

Jason said...

Thanks for adding wine reviews, hipcheck. Also great info there, upchucker.

And Long live.... um.... "comprimisation".