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Monday, June 13, 2011

BBQ Follow Up

Plump, Delicious Breasts...yeah that will draw some fun with keywords.

Check out the texture!

The Kobe Rib Eye......a taste explosion.

The fat was like we threw it back on the grill as I like my butter soft.

Got together last night for the much awaited grilling of the Kobe Steak. With a light dusting of seasoning and a quick braising on the grill with almond and pecan smoke to infuse the meat we went full bore as I also picked up a nice cut of Lamb and a bottle of Marques de Caceres Reserva Rioja. 

The steak was fantastic but it was odd as the 1/2 meat 1/2 fat marbling of the steak had a taste/texture that was unique. I likened it to driving a Celica your whole life and then allowed to drive a Lamborghini. Even when you have a top notch steak, the fat tastes like butter but its not completely marbled to the extent the Kobe was.

One other dish I made I wanted to report was grilled french fries....yes you heard that right Grilled French Fries. I took a couple of thick Russet Potatoe's and cut them into thick Steak Style Fries as to not fall through the grill, put them in a ziploc with olive oil, parsley, Penzey's Season Salt, and some minced garlic.   To say they were a hit was an understatement. I had made them thinking it would be a good snack for the Kids to munch on but much to my surprise all of the adults loved them as well.  Served with a squeeze of lime and a side of Japanese Mayo was a wonderful appetizer and use of the grills Hot Time. 

All in all a wonderful evening with wonferful food and wonderfull people. Wonderful. 

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