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Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Ribs of the Summer

Picked up some Farmer John Spare Ribs from Smart n Final and figured I would post the results here. I was mid way through making a new batch of dry rub or what my wife refers to as the "annual cleaning of the spice cabinet" when upon completion-she actually found the bag of last years dry rub. And with that a new tradition was born; the merging of last years rub into this years rub. Much like using the strain of yeast over and over again for bread-my rub will be continually be changing, evolving, and mixing the old and new into a mesh of collangual flavoring. And yes, I will admit that I just made up the word "collangual" so no need to bust out the thesaurus.

Here is a picture of the ribs rubbed and ready to go. There was an exterior strip of meat that I removed and decided to use some Chef Paul Pork seasoning on. You will notice the Chef Pauls is much redder in appearance then my rub-probably due to more paprika and no brown sugar. I will say the Farmer John ribs were the meatiest I have ever used and 2 large racks came to about 12 bucks.

Once prepped I tried my best to do a low and slow at about 200 degrees with indirect heat. I put the ribs on the bottom rack and used the top rack for the rib tips with the Chef Paul.

After that I wrapped in foil and finished the ribs over at my cousins. Have to apologize for the pic quality as I didnt have my normal camera and had to use my phone camera.

All in all a great way to start the season. People loved the ribs, the ribs tips were fantastic, and a good time was had by all.

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Hipcheck said...

Yeah, love them Ribs!