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Friday, November 16, 2007

Crazy Rant and an Old Favorite

So Im watching the hockey game last night and they show the Burger King commercial where the mothers try and run down the King because his new home style burger is so delicious the kids aren't eating Moms food anymore.

Heres the ridiculous part-on the bottom of the screen it says "Professional Driver on a Closed Course Do Not Attempt."

Thats all and well but-how do you attempt to run over a Fictional Character?

This is ridiculous when we've come to the point where commercials are running disclaimers for things that are 110% impossible of ever happening.

So now I'm currently working on a plan to assassinate Count Chocula. After that Im going to give the Pulp Fiction Zed treatment to Elmer Fudd. And after that Im going to torture Donald Duck as well as Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

My question-since Ive clearly described my intent will I be legally held responsible for these threats even though the victims are fictional characters and don't exist?

As for Betty Rubble...dont get me started on what I would do that fine piece of animated art-lets just say it involved Dino the Dinosaur as well as the Great Gazoo....actually just his helmet. Im going to show it over the net with my web cam as well and post it to youtube.
Who wouldn't want to see that right?

Anyhow...check out on old Monty Python sketch I always find humorous.

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